Synergy Management

| Point of View

A structured approach to capturing value in post-merger integration (PMI)

The success of a post-merger integration hinges primarily on the realisation of the targeted synergy potentials. However, ensuring that the combined enterprise value exceeds the sum of its parts is a complicated and timely process. Spanning the entire M&A cycle, synergy management encompasses the pre-deal estimation of synergy potentials and the subsequent postdeal re-evaluation and realisation. The criticality of synergy management in post-merger integration cannot be overstated. Pre-deal estimations of synergy potentials are a key driver of the transaction value, and their realisation determines the success of management in creating shareholder value.

To support our clients in this critical process, Capgemini Consulting has proven methodologies and capabilities that ensure an accurate assessment of pre-deal synergies and provide structure, transparency and know-how for the post-deal realisation. For the most part, this support is embedded in a broader transaction or integration offering.