Lean for the Long-Haul

| Point of View

Why behavior is key for sustaining success

Over the last two years, leading organizations all over the world have had to become agile and resilient in order to effectively weather the severe economic downturn and, more recently, to be ready to capitalize on the apparent economic recovery. In conjunction with these market dynamics, businesses everywhere have turned to lean as a key enabler of their survival and resurgence. As a global leader in lean deployment, Capgemini Consulting recently set out to acquire a deeper understanding about the primary objectives of a diverse group of lean programs, 
gain insight into the key challenges organizations face in implementing lean, and better identify how overall satisfaction levels with lean programs may change over 
time. To accomplish this, input was gathered via a series of survey questions during the first quarter of 2010 from over 150 senior executives who have responsibility for leading lean initiatives in their respective organizations. 
Conclusions were used to inform Capgemini Consulting’s own BeLean® approach about the best way to approach lean projects going forward.