The Clean Room

| Point of View

Leveraging Transparency, Ensuring Confidentiality

The success of a post-merger integration hinges on the acquirer being able to analyze target companies to gain a valid assessment of their economic situation. Therefore, in M&A transactions – whether acquisitions, auction processes, or mergers – a data room is set up to accomplish the disclosure of documents and to share information between parties in a controlled environment, typically during the due diligence process. Confidentiality is paramount and strict controls for viewing, copying and printing are imposed.

Our Clean Room is an enhanced version of a data room with a further purpose. In addition to being a tool for due diligence, a Clean Room is used to advance the release of information needed for integration work or other post-deal activities.

For this critical step, Capgemini Consulting has proven methodologies and capabilities supporting an in-depth planning of the transaction, thus accelerating the time to capture synergy benefits of the integration once the deal is closed.