All-Channel Profitability Management

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Measure and optimise your profitability across your channels and customers

In the digital world, customers expect an increasingly sophisticated shopping experience. Retailers that have met these expectations by delivering a seamless, consistent proposition across all channels are securing a competitive advantage. In this environment, how can Enterprise Performance Management capabilities allow your organisation to measure and optimise profitability across customers and channels?

All-Channel Profitability Management Issues & Their Causes

The disruptive nature of the move to an All-Channel environment is often accompanied by a series of issues regarding the organisation’s ability to manage profitability effectively under its new Operating Model. Online sales in Germany more than doubled to €39.1bn between 2010 and 2013. In 2014 online sales are expected to rise by another 25% to €48.8bn while offline sales are expected to decline.1 Given this, there is a risk that
overall profitability will be eroded if the complexities of online channel profitability aren’t fully understood.

All Channel Profitability