Learning Delivery Channels – What to use When

| Point of View

This guide is intended for Learning Professionals of Capgemini Group. It provides a point of view on “which learning delivery channel to use when”.

This Point of View has been developed based on two elements:

1. A study about learning delivery channel best practices and trends in the industry

2. Capgemini University’s level of maturity in implementing each delivery channel.

First, it introduces criteria that can be used to select appropriate learning delivery channels based on the business

expectations for a specific learning solution.

Second, it describes a visual framework to position the different learning delivery channels based on the level of learning objectives to be attained and the Capgemini University level of experience with those channels.

Third, it presents a job-aid that will guide learning professionals to select (at a high level) the appropriate learning delivery channels based on top priority criteria.

Finally, this guide provides a detailed description of the delivery channels considered for this point of view. Each channel is described with its key characteristics, when it is most effective, when it is not effective, and current trends. This guide will be updated regularly to reflect the latest changes in the field of learning.