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Personal Branding: Pie in the Sky or Business Investment?

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Brands and executives today are being judged not only on their success but also on how genuine they are. At Capgemini Consulting I work with senior leadership to determine their personal brand and develop it to be consistent and authentic using social media.

Increasingly global companies and leaders understand that personal brands are growing organically, consciously or otherwise, and they are investing in personal brand and social media experts to ensure what people say about them behind their back aligns with what they want to be known for.

What do people say behind your back? Does it tally with what you think people are saying or have you even thought about it? In a recent Forbes article, it was stated that less than 15% of people have truly defined their personal brand and less than 5% are living it consistently at work. Why so low? Because personal branding using social media or traditional channels is challenging, time consuming, ongoing and requires you to know exactly who you are and what you want to achieve.

Also found in the study was that 70% of professionals believe they have defined their personal brand and 50% believe they are living it. The reason these percentages are so high is respondents were confusing self-promotion with a desire to develop by helping others succeed which is what personal branding is all about.   

Instead of self-promotion, the core of your personal brand should focus on your authenticity, passions, skills and what makes you unique.

If what people say about you behind your back (or to your face!) does not align with what you think they are saying, you and your brand could be hit on the balance sheet. If you are represented well not winning that bid or not building connections with that key executive won’t be a feature. People and brands don’t always want to hear negative comments about their image but it is crucial that they listen so steps can be made to make it right at every opportunity. If not,a simple misunderstanding could have lasting damage via social media.

Let’s talk about you. Have you googled yourself? What do you see? What about your LinkedIn profile? Are you being represented in the best possible way? It is worth remembering that a powerful online brand opens doors and an average one closes them. Brand and people cannot afford to have a mediocre online presence anymore. How you exist online is the impression you are creating.

Any ideas how many searches happen on Google in one month? 1 billion? 10 billion? Try 100 billion. With all of these searches happening, brands are increasingly looking for the right support and partners and for this trust is essential. People want to do business with people they know and feel good about. A strong personal brand means that the people you want to attract will come to you if you market your personal brand correctly.

Below are five steps to consider when building your personal brand strategy:

1. Begin with a goal. Write your own mission statement as well as your short, medium, and long term objectives. Review these every six months.  

2. Self–Assessment. Hone what makes you unique into 15 words or less. What would your colleagues or your customers say is your most noteworthy personal trait?

3. Build your brand architecture and your association. Identify the best people, networks and social channels that best match your positioning. The brands you associate with will affect your personal brand.

4. Raise your awareness. What platforms will maximise your brand? Pay attention to social media and see if it can help you achieve the objectives you set out at the start. Start by trying out the skills in a low-risk setting and go from there.

5. Review and refine.  Having 500+ connections on LinkedIn doesn’t mean your personal brand is complete. Review often, align your objectives and refine to help you achieve your long terms objectives. Remember as Gandhi once said: “You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.”

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Anahid Basmajian
Anahid Basmajian
Anahid Basmajian, Capgemini Consulting’s global in-house social media expert, provides strategic support to VPs and Chief Executives investing in high-value virtual profiles and online personal brand strategies using social media in today’s competitive marketplace. Follow Anahid on twitter @Brandmajian.

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